The West

Patrick Galactic Review of The West’s “In Low Light”

REVIEW: The West “In Low Light” was originally published on 6/13/13 by Patrick Galactic.

“…Their follow up, In Low Light, finds a band comfortable in their experimentation. The West has a Party-Indie vibe, remiscent at turns of LCD Soundsystem, New Order and even Bowie. To their credit and my great listening satisfaction, the band has carefully avoided the rampant clichés of the genre and established a sense of arrangement that isn’t easily accessed on Clear Channel World Fucking Radio…”

“…In Low Light is an album Kurt Vonnegut could appreciate. The thought of well-funded college hipsters dancing the night away to the exorcism of a person’s soul is just the kind of twisted irony he found so amusing. I’m inclined to agree. The West have documented the dance floor and all its internal politics as well as anyone I can remember…”

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