The West


The following review “The West Dance Away The Night at The Crocodile,” by Brigit Anderson appeared online at on Wed. May 29th, 2013.

“…This past Friday, The Crocodile played host to a night of local acts headlined by the dance-pop quintet The West. The band played an impassioned set of tracks from if its debut full length album, In Low Light. While the energy the band brought was certainly marked, it was the band’s interaction with each other that stood out the most. They all seemed just unabashedly excited to be playing and weren’t afraid to share that emotion. There were no cool glances or off-putting smirks; rather, direct laughs were unapologetically exchanged between the group to create a relaxed atmosphere.

The youthful energy of the performance was not mirrored in any sort by a juvenility in musical quality. With the coupling of succinct synthesizers from all keyboardists and direct precision from drummer Bob Husak, The West replicated the calculation of their recorded sound in this setting without compromising the joy of live spontaneity.

It would be a disservice to just label Adrienne Clark, one of those members on keyboards, as merely a vocalist and synth player. On stage, her body almost acted as another instrument. From the first notes onwards, she was actively dancing and inspiring the crowd to do the same. The West came on just before midnight and after three long sets before theirs, it would have been excusable for energy to wane, but Clark’s own enthusiasm seemed to reinvigorate the crowd and generated just as much dancing off stage as on…”

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